Information about Todaydream


Why we are Todaydream®

  • Today, Dream, our statement: We empower students to dream audaciously today and be active participants in creating their futures.  There is a fierce urgency to performing this work now.  So let us Dream Today.

  • Today Dreamour symbol: In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shared his dream before the world of racial and socioeconomic equity.  We are dedicated to this vision, such that it is Today's Dream and becomes our collective tomorrow.

  • To Daydreamour strategy: We believe a key element in accomplishing our goal is inspiring youth. We motivate them To Daydream—in other words, to pause and take time to visualize all they can become beyond the limitations of what they may see in their immediate surroundings.

  • Todaydream®, our structure: Todaydream is a public benefit corporation (PBC) established to promote "the personal, professional, and educational flourishing of students and professionals."  Since messages delivered by those of a shared background may be more meaningful, our organization enlists people of diverse backgrounds to accomplish our mission.

Our Mission

Students of color still do not see enough examples of people who look like them in professions they want to be—with lives they want to have.  This situation can erode students' belief in the power of their own dreams, putting a ceiling on their potential. 

At Todaydream, we know the reality is far better than the perceived shortage.  Diverse professionals do exist, yet often their stories need to rise above the noise of contemporary cultural expectations.  Their stories need to reach students' ears. 

Our mission is to empower the next generation by providing the largest community of diverse inspiring professionals ever assembled whom we train to share their stories with youth.  We call these professionals DreAmbassadors®.

According to its definition, an ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.  And so a DreAmbassador  (pronounced as 'dream ambassador') is a person who represents or promotes the transformative act of dreaming—not only through their words, not only through their beliefs, but also through their testimony—through the irrefutable evidence of their lived experience. 

DreAmbassadors are not merely inspiring students to believe in their dreams; they are exposing students to new possibilities they may not have even known to dream about—and empowering them to get there.  Our DreAmbassadors are:

  • Diverse college graduates
  • Inspiring professionals (e.g., doctors, lawyers, engineers, businesspeople, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, artists)
  • Trained to share their stories with youth


For our collection of diverse professionals, we are building ProVision, the private community of DreAmbassadors.  This private community represents a collection of professionals envisioning a better tomorrow, or simply ProVision™ for short. The word “provision” also means to supply with needed resources. Hence, provision is the mission of ProVision. Specifically, the goal of ProVision™ is to enrich the journey of our diverse professionals, deepen relationships between them and other members, support each other on how to better serve youth, and create an ecosystem for us to invest in one another’s personal and professional flourishing.