Empower the next generation

Find diverse inspiring professionals from around the world trained to share their stories with youth

Our Mission

Students of color still do not see enough examples of people who look like them in professions they want to be—with lives they want to have. This situation can erode students' belief in the power of their own dreams, putting a ceiling on their potential.

At Todaydream®, we know the reality is far better than the perceived shortage. Diverse professionals do exist, yet often their stories do not rise above the noise of contemporary cultural expectations. Their stories do not reach students' ears.

Our mission is to empower the next generation by providing the largest community of diverse inspiring professionals ever assembled whom we train to share their stories with youth. We call these professionals DreAmbassadors®.

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Our DreAmbassadors are:

Diverse college graduates

from across the country

Inspiring professionals

(e.g., doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, business people, authors, activists, artists)


to share their stories with youth

Engagement Format

Standard Location (Virtual)

Video communication technology allows our DreAmbassadors—our community of diverse inspiring professionals trained to share their stories—to reach youth from anywhere in the world (and at low cost).

Standard Time (30-min)

In the standard format, a school, nonprofit organization, parent, or other entity schedules 30 minutes on a DreAmbassador's calendar for an online interactive live session to inspire and empower youth.

DreAmbassadors can greatly enhance:

Joining our online platform is currently by invitation only. To be added to the waitlist, click the link below and fill out the form.

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